Services provided by SHOUT for our member organisations include:

Governance and Strategic Direction:

  • Governance resources for committee members
  • Training opportunities for committees
  • Assistance in attracting viable committee members
  • Strategic planning and focus group facilitation
  • Needs analysis on organisational requirements
  • Dissemination of funding availability through government and private sector

Risk Management:

  • Workplace Health and Safety guidelines
  • Human resource information and support
  • Administration Support analysis and support
  • Insurance requirements – board, public liability, volunteers

Resource Management:

  • Marketing and promotional activities and resources
  • Assisting organisations to optimise and build their member database
  • Website and Social Media assistance in effective communication strategies
  • SHOUT web based platform directory
  • Dissemination of events through email and SHOUT website
  • Facilities such as meeting rooms, office space and access to phone, internet and administration


  • Tenancy in an office or space, storage and furniture
  • Computers, Phone line, Internet and IT service provision
  • Photocopier and printing services
  • Meeting Room rental at a member rate