Our Mission

SHOUT Inc supports self-help groups through

  • Promoting the philosophy, practice and value of self help
  • Providing support, expertise and resources to develop and nurture self-help groups
  • Providing a web based platform to support individuals through connection with organisations and groups
  • Assisting  self-help groups to achieve their goals through developing connections and resources
  • Strengthening governance through resources,  support and training


SHOUT provides members with a range of services and facilities to develop and support self-help groups in the ACT region. Our office provides a contact point for self-help groups and will provide a point of contact to refer and connect people to organisations and groups through the web-based platform.


A list of SHOUT’s full members can be found on the SHOUT Members page.


“A fair and just community which is enriched by self-help.”

Statement of Purpose

“Our purpose is to support and connect community groups with the Canberra community by building capacity and opportunity.”


SHOUT Annual Report 2019/20