News and Events

SHOUT keeps member organisations connected externally through the use of the website, social media and through email lists. These are regularly updated and allow news and events to be diseminated seamlessly across a wide range of oranisations and communities.

SHOUT produces a monthly newsletter for full members and a bimonthly newsletter for all members to ensure that information about what is happening at SHOUT and further afield can be accessed readiliy and in goodtime. This includes events, training, funding and other potential opportunities.

Several times a year SHOUT is involved in expos and events, and regularly secures shopping centre stalls to further disseminate information and leaflets about organisations into the community.

Training, professional development and seminars are held regularly for members and their volunteers, boards and membership at a reduced rate, to build capacity in organisations and to build strength and resilience.

Hear For You ACT: Life Goals & Skills Blast Mentoring Program 16th/17th March 2019


Pitch your Passion: Women with Disabilties


New Round Tables 2019