How SHOUT helps you find a Self-help Group

SHOUT supports people to find appropriate self-help groups through a variety of ways, but largely through a web directory to organisations and groups. Every person’s needs are unique and the directory assists in finding information to make the choice which most suits your needs.

Self Help Groups information
How SHOUT helps Self-help Organisations

SHOUT offers self-help organisations to develop, build and grow through strong support and practical assistance such as offering tenancy, equipment, governance and training.

Building Self Help Groups

What is Self-help?

Self-help groups, by their very make up, do a wonderful job in promoting wellness and recovery for people experiencing mental illness, physical disabilities or other life altering events. Many of the benefits of Self-Help groups come in the form of hope, support, education and taking personal responsibility for recovery.

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"Our mission is to support community groups through connection, skill development, awareness and governance to deliver vital outcomes to their members."

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