Our Mission

SHOUT works with its members and the community;

  • To promote the philosophy, practice and value of self help
  • To provide support and resources to develop and empower self help groups
  • To provide support to individuals by connecting them to appropriate groups
  • To facilitate member groups to meet their goals through the provision of resources and connections


SHOUT can provide members with a range of services and facilities to maintain self help groups in the ACT region. Our office provides a single phone and correspondence contact point for people wanting to contact member self help groups. If you are interested in joining SHOUT’s network, please contact our office. Details are listed on our contact page.


Services provided by SHOUT to our member organisations include:

  • Central point of contact
  • Answering service during business hours
  • Mail collection
  • Mail redirection
  • Postage and handling
  • Credit card processing
  • Newsletter printing
  • Database management
  • IT support
  • Administrative and secretariat support
  • Information and resources
  • Advice on operating a self help group


SHOUT also offers a range of facilities for the use of our member organizations, these include:

  • Office space
  • Desk space (including phone lines, computers etc)
  • Two meeting rooms
  • Photocopier
  • Storage space


SHOUT provides its members the opportunity to be represented in a united network. SHOUT Inc can assist groups in promoting their cause, through our pamphlet display, website and promotional activities.

SHOUT receives extensive information from community and government organizations, which is available to members through our network.


A list of SHOUT’s full members can be found on the SHOUT Members page.